Nesa Kaur

  • Composer, musician and singer from Madrid
  • Started a dancing career at a young age under  Victor Ullate
  • Studied music and singing with Marianne Ax
  • Studied vocal tecniques for Jazz and Gospel with Monique Thomas.
  • Lead singer in various Spanish groups from 2007 to 2010
  • Performed in key venues in Spain
  • Joins Jorge Gil Zulueta to create “Face 2 Jazz” project in 2010
  • Joins “All4Gospel” choir in 2014
  • 2015 Lead singer in EnBossa

​Soundcloud: Nesa Kaur

Nesa Kaur - Discography

​​EnBossa – Estoy Cansada (Single 2016)
EnBossa – Clouds (Single 2016)

EnBossa - Tu Luz (Single 2016)
EnBossa – Quiero Mas (Single 2016)

EnBossa - Don't Look Away (Single 2016)

EnBossa - Blow Me Down (2016)

EnBossa - Lista Para Amar (2016)

Rik Oliveira

  • Singer and Guitarist from Petropolis, Rio de Janeiro
  • 2000-2017 Lead singer for various Brazilian Groups, most notably, Tokahia

Marcos Vianna - Discography

​​Marcos Vianna – Groove n’Bossa (Album 2008)
Groove n’Bossa – Sexy (Album 2010)
Groove n’Bossa Feat Leila Maria “Sexy” (Single 2011)
EnBossa – Menina (Single 2015)
EnBossa – Ando Cansado (Single 2015)
EnBossa – Look In My Eyes (Single 2015)
EnBossa – Ela e Jazz (Single 2016)
EnBossa – Estoy Cansada (Single 2016)
EnBossa – Clouds (Album 2016)

EnBossa - Hidden Garden (Single 2016)
EnBossa – Spring (Single 2016)

EnBossa - Don´t Look Away (Album 2017)

EnBossa - Blow Me Down (Single 2017)

EnBossa - Jamba (Single 2017)

Marcos Vianna

  • Musician, composer and producer, From Rio de Janeiro
  • Produced Jorge Mautener and Celso Blues Boy
  • Between 2005 and 2013  created Groove n' Bossa project in London and Rio de Janeiro
  • Regular performer at prestigious London and Rio de Janeiro venues including London’s Ronnie Scott‘s and Rio de Janeiro’s Canecão
  • Groove n Bossa’s  shows attracted regular audiences of 100 to 900 people per night (Ronnie Scotts, Guanabara…).  
  • In 2010 played at the London Brazilian Day at the O2 Arena to an audience of 15,000

Sound Cloud: marcosviannamusic

Walter Guima

  • Musician and producer from São Paulo, Brazil

  • Performed with key  Brazilian and Spanish bands
  • Toured worldwide and performed in venues such as the Royal Albert Hall, London and the Olympia in Paris.
  • Played the drums as part of the Groove n’Bossa project founded by Marcos Vianna
  • Director of the Studio “Ruidos Asociados” in Madrid
  • Associate Director of Escuela de Musica Manzanares El Real and Escuela de Musica Soto El Real
  • Produced and launched important Spanish and Brazilian artist from his Studio, Ruidos Asociados, Manzanares El Real, Madrid, Spain.